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SafetyLit: Staffed by volunteers but we have operating costs. Please Donate Now.

SafetyLit - Preventing Injuries By Providing Information

There are at least 20,000 visitors to the SafetyLit website each month who read the Weekly Update Bulletin, view abstracts, and search the database. This alone requires a robust primary web-server to handle the traffic. However, the SafetyLit website is under almost constant attack. We use the CloudFlare service to intercept visitor requests at 90 sites across the world to lessen the malicious traffic. This has the added benefit of speeding page-load times for everyone because the connection goes to a nearby server. These Web services cost about $700 each month. Rent, utilities, telecommunications services, online banking & accounting services, donor tracking and tax services, attorney & license fees, etc. add about $1000 to our monthly costs. These expenses must be covered by donations. Please help by donating now. See also our list of needs and desires for things that are important to improve the SafetyLit site's security and user experience.